Each of our workshops is tailor-made to meet specific outcomes and objectives, level of audience, relevance to the organisation: it’s values and vision, the nature and dynamics of the team. The workshop methodology that is utilised includes experiential learning methods (gamification), video material, relevant case studies and papers, applicable theories and models, group and pod discussions, self-introspection exercises and applicable assessment tools.

PDA International Africa provides customised outdoor, experiential team development and team building. These deliveries are outcome-based and work with the theory of “learning through play” but brought together through our scientific platform and understanding of each team member and the team as a whole using the Personal Development Analysis Assessment Tool.
Teambuilding deliveries take fitness levels, objectives and location into account when designing an intervention.



Our High Performance Management Programme (HPM) is a customised delivery over an 8 month period.

Delegates work in syndicates throughout the year to complete a series of business and content-related assignments. These assignments are submitted against deadlines and feedback is provided to:

  • The delegate
  • The HR/learning manager
  • Line management where applicable

The modules may be amended and tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the organisation or delegate level of experience.

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