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“Each PDA Report has a price, but what we, as Consultants, can to do with it is priceless…”


The PDA University includes actions carried out by PDA International which are aimed to transfer the “PDA expertise and knowledge” to Certified Analysts, Clients and Partners.

The first step of the PDA learning process is the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar where each participant will learn about the suggested way of administrating the PDA Assessment Form and the correct way of analyzing and interpreting the PDA Full Reports and Graphs.

To continue this learning process it is important for each certified PDA Analyst to learn in depth and train themselves in how to use give several and adequate uses to the PDA Assessment tool and applying its results in every HR process: selection, HR Talent Development Programs, Training Sessions, Workshops, group and individual PDA feedbacks, and coaching among others.

This is why the main purpose of the PDA University is to consolidate within Partners, Certified Analysts and Clients their PDA expertise and knowledge by sharing documents, consultation tips and key aspects, training materials and instructions that are necessary for them to successfully submit an PDA Assessment application, as well as preparing themselves when facilitating and conducting workshops and consulting sessions based on the information obtained through the PDA Assessment Report.

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Through the Consulting Website PDA International provides to the PDA Certified Analyst and Partners relevant information and documents regarding “how to use and apply effectively PDA Assessment Tool and Reports”.

In addition, those Clients and Partners who are wishing to train themselves as PDA Consultants may access to complete support information on the PDA University.

PDA trainers Zone

  • Augustina Paz - Consultancy Director

    “Based on the results and analysis from the PDA Assessment Tool we have been able to provide top line consultancy by developing and customizing projects reaching the need of our clients. Starting from knowing a person’s (candidate or employee) behavioral tendencies profile a Manager or a full organization will be able to adapt various dynamics to work first, with the individual, then on the teams as well as with the supervisors or leaders in order to generate in general positive changes in the organization.”

  • Nicolás Stocker - Co Founder

    “The PDA applied in consultancy processes allows high added value interventions with great impact inpeople and teams. This occurs because people’s learning, development and management processes are favored by the differential value that the tool provides regarding self-awareness and getting to know the other person, key to the effective development of any person and team. It also provides spaces of dialogue and consideration for personal and work team improvements.This allows levering objective, deep information that will be applied in the segmentation, customization and design of an in-house activity or development process both individually and in group.”

  • Soledad Gallastegui - Global Training Manager & Consultant

    “Companies today are faced with tough challenges, among others, increasing their business profit, which fortunately, sometimes, it´s enough by restructuring the organization, its areas and resources. As Peter Drucker said, “Innovation is to find new or improved uses of the resources that we already have”. If we do not know the potential of each of the members of our company, it is possible that we give them wrong responsibilities, errors which, among other things, leads to discouragement and poor performance. In this step, the use of technology is key to achieve effectiveness and reduce cost and time. The PDA Assessment is a scientifically validated tool which use is aimed to impact on the efficiency of the processes carried out from the areas of Human Resources allowing the PDA Analysts to know, in a few minutes, the behavioral profile of applicants and candidates. By using the PDA Assessment Tool, we can then build a strategic plan by selecting, interviewing and assessing the right candidates; retain talents; develop and integrating team members effectively in their job positions and with their group colleagues; leading them effectively, among other uses regarding Human Resources.”

  • Malena Philpotts - Consultancy

    “The PDA Assessment leverages Change Management and Cultural Development processes. It provides the opportunity to observe oneself from a different perspective and discover effectiveness gaps in their leadership lines and interactions with their teams. When working with communication skills, the tool helps to deepen into self-knowledge, as conscience of the impact of our styles before the perception of others.”