PDA Companies

Company Option

This option helps companies fortify their HR operations in order to improve their bottom line and increase their revenues. Incorporating PDA into the selection and talent management processes enables them to reap enormous benefits:


To select, retain and develop their people in line with the company’s business objectives.

To improve the effectiveness of their Team Leaders.

To consolidate and empower their sales force.

To consolidate the relationship between Team Leaders and collaborators, thereby increasing motivation.

To improve integration, communication and teamwork.

How do you get PDA?

Your company can use PDA either by training and certifying its HR team or by relying on the expert PDA Consultants in our international network of PDA Partners.

Each company has its own database and can manage people’s Evaluations and administer their Reports online.

PDA International offers its clients the opportunity to obtain Credit Packages, according to their PDA Assessment requests.

PDA International gives its clients access to PDA Consulting Solutions: Consulting dynamics and activities for managing and developing talent based on the information provided by the PDA Assessment.

Benefits of PDA

  • It’s quick and easy to implement
  • It’s very intuitive and user-friendly
  • It’s sound and scientifically validated
  • It has international support
  • To improve integration, communication and teamwork.

Our Clients


The use of PDA adds tremendous value in begin able to generate online reports to acess the candidates against the behavioral demands of each position. This information can be utilized in both the selection and development processes of internal employees.

Head of Careers and Development

Head of Careers and Development
Santander Rio

We incorporated PDA, integrating it with our competency-based performance evaluations. This added immense value in: – Providing additional insight of potencial outcomes of the observed evaluations; – Improving the way to provide feedback to those tested; – Helping achieve greater confidence and commitment of the line in the skills development programa t a regional level.

Regional Manager of Training and Development

Regional Manager of Training and Development

We use PDA for our selection process, using it from mid management levels to the CEO. This tool determined our prevailing strengths and áreas of improvement, for both individuals and for the organization as a whole. It was very valuable to be able to provide feedback to each individual involved. One of the PDA’s greatest virtues i show it allows you to give feedback

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager