Future Leaders Africa

Future Leaders Africa

Future Leaders Africa is a tailored process and self development journey focusing on:

  • LEADING SELF (Character, Personal power)
    • Authenticity
    • Passion
    • Self-regard
    • Character
    • Self confidence
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-motivation
    • Self-discipline
    • Self-initiative
    • Perseverance
    • Life Balance
    • Adaptability

  • LEADING CHANGE (Competence, Results power)
    • Trend and systems awareness
    • Organisational awareness
    • Visionary thinking
    • Strategic thinking
    • Cultural awareness
    • Tecnology awareness
    • Creativity & innovation

  • LEADING OTHERS (Charisma/SQ, Relational power)
    • Connecting with people
    • Building relationships
    • Being servant
    • Building support
    • Communication
    • Building team
    • Building trust
    • Decision making
    • Leadership style
    • Recognition
    • Empower
    • Integrity & honesty
    • Inspiring hope


  • Executive/Leadership coaching & mentoring
  • Team leadership development
  • Future Leaders Africa online development journey (32 leadership principles)
  • Leadership culture intervention
  • Executive learning & facilitation


PDA_Future leader

Development Philosphy

In our approach to leadership development, we thoroughly take into consideration that leadership development is multidimensional and a long term process. To grow as a leader encompasses what we think, what we believe, what we value, our attitudes and our behaviour. We chose the metaphor of a journey for our programme. ‘Journey’ emphasises destiny, momentum, continuity, variety of experiences, internal and external challenges and changes, and the natural unfolding of learning and personal growth. The beliefs that guided us in the planning of the journey include the following:

  • A comprehensive and holistic learning process that effectively combine relevant contributions from science, philosophy and spirituality. We believe that sustainable growth follows when we are involved in something constructive that touches us holistically; mind, heart, body and soul;
  • Learning and growth is optimal when we are engaged in all three of the following types of conversation: The conversation with ourselves as we become more aware of the need for change and commit ourselves to it; the conversation with a coach/mentor who can skilfully guide us; and the conversation with colleagues or peers where perspectives and experiences of similar challenges are shared and new ways of communicating are practiced.
  • Personal growth and leadership development are inter-linked. It is a lifelong process. Self-awareness, authenticity and personal responsibility are fundamental and include both a person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Even the quickest learner needs reflection time. Without reflection, learning will be disconnected and shallow.
The Neuroscience of Learning, Hendel-Giller et al


Wade Cooper – PDA AFRICA

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17 years international business development experience, including Africa and the Middle East – specialising in talent management solutions & project management. Wade works with small and large employers both in the public and private sector, aligning employee performance with organisational strategy.
Wade Cooper is also the Africa exclusive partner for the Personal Development Analysis (PDA). PDA is the world leader in online assessments, operating in over 32 countries for the past 15 years. The PDA is an online psychometric assessment measuring behaviour/personality, emotional intelligence and energy and is also able to measure a candidates FIT to job and competencies.
PDA Africa has been recognised for their role in gender mainstreaming and women development initiatives and was the runner up at the Gender Mainstreaming Business Engage Awards in August 2015.


Dr Gerhard van Rensburg – Thought Leader and Leadership Coach


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28 years of academic & informal research in the field of leadership and human development. 16 years of experience as leadership development consultant, facilitator, author and coach.
Gerhard van Rensburg (DTh, MCom leadership studies) worked as a leadership and executive coach, development facilitator and academic supervisor from 2005. He authored two books on leadership (The Leadership Challenge in Africa (foreword by Desmond Tutu) and Leadership Thoughts. He is well-known for his articles in the leadership field and as a column writer/columnist for the CEO magazine.



“Gerhard Van Rensburg is an experienced coach who has equipped me over the years to cope with the stresses and strains of life at the peak of an organisation. His calmness is infectious; his insight impressive and his ability to create distance, crucial. Gerhard provides leadership frameworks that enables anyone to develop and to become independent from the coach.”

Leon Vermaak

Leon Vermaak
CEO Telesure


Review of Dr Gerhard van Rensburg’ s books:
“There are hopeful signs and dreams of an African Renaissance. But these could end up mere empty acronyms unless Africa produces leaders who are allergic to self aggrandisement, leaders who understand that a true, a real leader exists ultimately for the sake of the led. This book is a welcome aid to help aspirant and incumbent leaders to become such good leaders.”

Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu


“Gerhard is one of the foremost though leaders and leadership experts of our time. His latest book gives readers the tools and wisdom to create the results they desire. His work challenges old paradigms, is transformational and cutting edge thinking in the fields of personal development, leadership and organizational development.”

Justin Sachs

Justin Sachs
CEO of Motivational Press