Additional Psychometric & Competencey based Assessments

We pride ourselves in providing psychometric assessment solutions from a range of “Best in Class” suppliers, ensuring an eclectic and cost effective approach to assessments.

Psychometric Assessment Matrix/Library of Assessments

Assessment Dimension Instruments
Personality Personal Development Analysis (PDA)
Personality Occupational Personality Profile (OPP)
Personality Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
Personality Saville WAVE
Personality 15 Factor Questionnaire (15FQ+)
Personality Personality at Work (PAW)
Personality California Personality Index (CPI)
Personality Hogan Personality Assessments (HPI)
Competence Assessment Centres (Role Plays, In-Trays, Presentations)
Technical Kenexa Technical Assessments
Emotional Intelligence Baron EQ-i
Emotional Intelligence Genos EQ
Capability Career Path Appreciation (CPA)
Capability Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS)
Capability General Reasoning Assessment (GRT)
Capability Saville Reasoning Assessment
Capability Cognitive Processing Profile (CPP)
Capability Cognitive and Potential Assessment (COPAS)
Capability APIL-B, TRAM 1 and TRAM 2 Assessments
Clerical Clerical Test Battery (CTB)
Values & Motives Values and Motives Inventory (VMI)
Integrity Giotto
Integrity Integrity Profiler 200 (IP 200)
Integrity Integrity Measuring Instrument (IMI)