About us

Operating for over 16 Years in more that 47 Countries Globally


After years of research and investigation PDA International has developed the PDA Assessment. PDA International now focuses on selling, training and implementing the PDA Assessment tool to Clients and Partners in more than 30 countries.

PDA International has designed and implements training and consulting solutions based on reports, graphs and information obtained with the PDA Assessment. This generates great impact in every HR process, empowering employees, collaborators, team members and managers, helping them to overcome challenges.

PDA International Consultants are professionals with vast experience in Talent Management, Recruiting and Employee Relations. They work together with Clients and Partners by offering and encouraging, among many other aspects, trust, constant changes and improvements, growth and creative solutions.


Our mission is based on strengthening and enhancing the “Staff/Personnel Management” solutions by developing and implementing the use of technological tools.


Our solutions are designed to improve or enhance HR Processes such as personnel selection, collaborators or employee’s tenure and the development of people.We develop and transfer creative and innovative solutions for talent management and development.
Solutions provided from PDA International generate positive impacts and results that have been proven in various Multinationals, Small and Medium-sized companies.

PDA International, based on the studies and theories of psychologist and inventor William Marston, has developed the Personal Development Analysis (PDA) Assessment tool and provides a broad portfolio of consultancy products and services for Partners and Clients. It was William Marston who proposed and developed the basis of this assessment methodology which has been now tested, certified and validated around the world throughout years. PDA International, based on Marston’s studies and pure theories, has developed the PDA Assessment, building a user-friendly, efficient instrument so such a fantastic invent can be used and applied in HR processes. The developments and studies done by PDA International to the original invent has made it possible to obtain and access, simply and easily, to an enormous quantity of valuable information including reports and graphs that are easy to read, analyze and understand.